Benefits of Video Marketing to Escalate Your E-Business Profits

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In this age of digital transformation, business enterprises are looking forward to innovative digital marketing trends. One such popular trend is video marketing, which makes use of riveting videos for brand promotion and converting your target audience into potential buyers.

Videos are more engaging and establish an improved emotional connection with the audience. Video marketing is not only restricted to posting a video on the YouTube channel or advertising your product on the television but it begins with-

  • Finding out who your target audience is
  • Deciding the Right Marketing Strategy
  • Choosing the Right Platform to Market your videos such as YouTube Live, Facebook Live, and others.

Now let’s discuss why video marketing is a boosting tool for your business.

Video Marketing Helps in Increasing Conversations

First things first, video marketing helps in improving the conversion rate. According to research, adding a video to the landing page can boost conversions by up to 80%. Furthermore, it has been witnessed that 70% of millennials prefer to watch a video before making an online purchase.

The increase in Conversion Ratio (CVR) further leads to upscaling sales. According to a stat, 84% of the customers were convinced to buy the product after watching the video.

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Videos Generate More ROI

Video Marketing brings a good Return on Investment (ROI) for sure. According to studies, 83% of the business enterprises have succeeded in generating more ROI due to the posting of meaningful videos. However, you need to strategize a plan for creating a video that catches the audience’s attention.

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The content is one of the most crucial aspects of your video. You need to define your products and services clearly and precisely without consuming much of the user’s time. Remember, the users will not take much time to abandon if they do get a clear idea of what you are explaining.

Video Marketing Allows Business to Excel Competition

Business entrepreneurs are aware that they have to face stiff competition in the market when they are planning to pitch their products and services. Video marketing is one effective strategy that can allow your business to gain the upper hand over the competitors. But at the same time, you also need to note that 81% of the firms have already employed this advanced tool to explore more customers. So, you have to come up with a unique video that is both interesting and informative.

Building a Trust Factor with End Consumers

Traditional marketing practices such as email marketing aren’t that efficient to convince and win the trust of the targeted audiences. It is true that engaging content and conversations help in driving sales but a video provides you an opportunity to explain everything to the users in less than a minute or two. According to research, a two-minute video is sufficient enough to ignite the emotions of the customers. It is advisable to pitch your products in an interactive tone.

Videos are Shared More Than Often

The rise of social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube has given the impetus to share video content with ease and predominantly. According to Forbes, 95 million videos are shared on Instagram every day. Similarly, more than 700 YouTube videos are shared on Twitter. Plus, YouTube videos have been watched more than 500 times on Facebook. Sharing the video allows you to get in touch with a large customer base with minimal effort through social media platforms.

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