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What are Directory submission sites?

Just like Directory of anything directory submission sites are an online platform where you can submit your website data including Title, Description and your website link as well so thatโ€™s why these are called in short word web directory and we called them directory submission sites. These directories allow us to submit the important information of our website or blog including Title of our website, description of the page and the link and they allow us to select the right category from the list that matches our website which we are submitting.

Always remember one of the most important point before submitting your website to web directory, before submitting your website you should have to check the spam score of that directory submission site because when you select anyย free directory submission listย online to submit your website there might be a chance most of the directories have high spam score, so be careful and avoid these directories because if you will not check them and submitting your websites for just build the backlinks that will be the negative score for your website in future because Google dislikes the website which has spammy links on it.

Another one of the most important point I would like to share with you that just link buildingย directory submission siteย list is not enough, you must have to select the right category for your website in the directory submission sites, as there are many benefits to select the right category but the most important is a Goof impact in form of search engines like Google because google looking each activity you are performing on your website.

I have tried to deliver you to the point and clear information about High PR directory submission sites so let us start about the benefits of directory submission sites, there are a lot of benefits and some of the most important are listed below.

Major Benefits of High PR Directory Submission Sites:

Many ย SEO experts describe many advantagesย  of Instant Approval directory submission sites you can find online but here we will discuss some of the most important benefits you will get from directory submission sites, so letโ€™s start and have a look at the major benefits to use free directory submission list 2020

Referring Domain:

By using the free directory submission list 2020 you will increase the number of referring domain to your site or we can say the number of backlinks from unique domains. If there are more referring domain to your site google will definitely like that, but here is point I would like to discuss, just increasing number of referring domains are not important, always check the authority of the domain from where you are getting backlink and also check the spam score because if you donโ€™t care about that then Google will penalize your site and it is very difficult to rerank a website again if the website goes in google plenty, we have discussed it before in many blog posts.

Domain Authority:

Using Free directory submission sites you will get one of the most important benefits that are Domain Authority, yes when you Instant Approvalย directory submission sitesย to increase the number of backlinks to your website and to increase the number of referring domains to your website then automatic your website DA Domain Authority will goes high and no doubt Google likes the sites which have high DA Domain Authority and you will see a positive impact in Google SERP. But as I discussed again and again always take care and just select the High DA Directory submission list 2020 to get Good SEO Backlinks.

SERP Search Engine Ranking Position:

High PR Directory submission sites will increase your search engine ranking position, you have a clear idea about how Google will increase the search engine ranking position if not let me explain how your google ranking will increase by using free directory submission sites.

If you select a free directory submission list 2020 updated and according to guideline which I mentioned above then definitely you will get high ranking because as you increase the number of referring domain to your site that is a ranking factor and by using these domains when you get a High DA on your website, Google look for it as well and it is also a Ranking Factor so always take care for that guideline and select the freeย directory submissionย list 2020 which is updated and check each directory before submitting the website to it.

Search Traffic:

As we discussed above there is a clear picture in your mind if you will get a good SERP then without any doubt you will get the massive search traffic from search engine, that traffic is called organic traffic, you can also say the targetted traffic to your website and organic targeted traffic is the most effective traffic for your business or brand growth, moreover to maintain your ranking organic traffic plays the most important part in SEO.

Difference between Paid and Free Directories?

There is a lot of paid and free directory submission list 2020 you can find online on the internet by using your browser but some are paid Instant Approval directory submission sites and most of the free directory submission list 2020 is free you will get online. Let us have a look at the difference between paid and free directory submission sites.

Paid Directory Submission Sites:

Most of the Paid directory submission sites are High Authority and with less spam score so High DA directory submission sites boost your SERP much better than low authority sites, another benefit of paid directory submission sites these Instant Approval directory submission sites will index your website fastly and take very less time some are just 24 hours so fast index your site is much better to gain ranking faster as google will read your link as fast as they index it.

Free Directory Submission Sites:

Free directory submission sites are also High Authority you can find online but not all so you have to search for the High Authority High DA Directory submission list online and then start submitting by check each website one by one. We have selected and a High DA Directory Submission list 2020 for you to do the submission.

One drawback of using free directory submission sites, Free Directory submission sites take much time to index your website, so late indexing means late SERP, but I recommend you both of have the budget then paid is Good then free can also boost your SERP but take a little bit time that required your patience.

What is the deep link in web directory:

When you need to have a link on your specific page or post than free directory submission sites also allow you to get a deep link, in that case, you are allowed to choose your anchor text t get a backlink on the specific page or post of your website. But again I would like to say avoid to loophole to avoid spam otherwise you will be red-flagged in eyes of Google and after that, it will be difficult to re-rank again the one you do that. Always try to get deep links from limited High Authority High DA Directory submission sites.

IS Directory Submission sites are Good for SEO in 2020?

There are different expertโ€™s opinions on free directory submission sites to get backlinks. Some are against it and some are in fever in the past. The question is free directory submission sites good for SEO in 2020, the answer is yes. I have discussed in many other posts that always be careful to avoid spammy links and always choose the High DA Directory submission list 2020 updated, so in 2020 free directory submission sites are beneficial too like in past.

Free Directory Submission List 2020 Updated:

I have selected for you the free directory submission list 2020. These Instant Approval directory submission sites are High Authority High DA Directory submission sites to get rank in 2020ย SEO Khazanaย always updating the directory submission site list.

You can also submit your article in our free Dofollow guest posting site:


Some of the most popular directories are Dmoz and Yahoo directory. Here are the list of 100 High PR Directory Submission List 2019, that are given below

SL No Instant Approval Directory Site PR (Page Rank)
01 https://www.thepostcity.com/ 8
02 http://www.networkedblogs.com 7
03 http://www.lilink.com 7
04 http://www.freeprwebdirectory.com 7
05 http://www.highrankdirectory.com 7
06 http://www.abc-directory.com 7
07 http://www.sitepromotiondirectory.com 7
08 http://www.packages-seo.com 7
09 http://www.dizila.com 7
10 http://www.cosee-now.net 6
11 http://www.bhanvad.com 6
12 http://www.blog-directory.org 6
13 http://www.submissionwebdirectory.com 6
14 http://www.britainbusinessdirectory.com 6
15 http://www.usalistingdirectory.com 6
16 http://www.gvadirectory.com 6
17 http://www.marketinginternetdirectory.com 6
18 http://www.shipre.net 5
19 http://www.teomankanyonda.com 5
20 http://www.jetjaws.com 5
21 http://www.eicq.org 5
22 http://www.gigablast.com 5
23 http://www.jayde.com 5
24 http://www.picktu.com 5
25 http://www.iozoo.com 5
26 http://www.americasbest.com 5
27 http://pegasusdirectory.com 5
28 http://www.1websdirectory.com 5
29 http://www.bugsdirectory.com 4
30 http://www.internet-heaven.co.uk 4
31 http://www.theseoking.com 4
32 http://www.flaredirectory.com 4
33 http://www.a-free-directory.info 4
34 http://www.247webdirectory.com 4
35 http://www.viesearch.com 4
36 http://www.holdtiteadhesives.com 4
37 http://www.fybersearch.com 4
38 http://www.fybersearch.com 4
39 http://www.hitechedge.com 4
40 http://www.insideoffice.com 4
41 http://www.itmanagementnews.com 4
42 http://www.jeitacave.net 4
43 http://www.netdummy.com 4
44 http://www.obper.com 4
45 http://www.omabe.com 4
46 http://www.submit-link.net 4
47 http://thetusker.biz 4
48 http://www.2space.net 3
49 http://www.dondir.com 3
50 http://www.authml.net 3
51 http://www.web-directory-sites.org 3
52 http://www.seolinksubmission.com 3
53 http://www.verypotent.com 3
54 http://www.pxdaj.com 3
55 http://www.jazzylook.com 3
56 http://www.urlshack.com 3
57 http://www.awebdirectory.info 3
58 http://www.aaawebdirectory.com 3
59 http://www.zimengine.com 3
60 http://www.shopperstop.org 3
61 http://www.directoryrate.com 3
62 http://www.suaffiliates.net 3
63 http://www.subdirectory.eu 3
64 http://www.socialtechbrewing.org 3
65 http://www.riverwrap.com 3
66 http://www.paradaise.net 3
67 http://www.mfballet.com 3
68 http://www.ghetosearch.com 3
69 http://www.textiledegree.com 2
70 http://www.laptopbaginfo.com 2
71 http://craigslistdir.org 2
72 http://reddit-directory.com 1
73 http://apeopledirectory.com 1
74 http://411freedirectory.com 1
75 http://domainnamesseo.com 1
76 http://seooptimizationdirectory.com 1
77 http://lemon-directory.com 1
78 http://exampledir.com 1
79 http://afunnydir.com 1
80 http://familydir.com 1
81 http://target-directory.com 1
82 http://bestbuydir.com 0
83 http://ebay-dir.com 0
84 http://facebook-list.com 0
85 http://aquarius-dir.com 0
86 http://interesting-dir.com 0
87 http://bing-directory.com 0
88 http://upsdirectory.com 0
89 http://craigslistdirectory.net 0
90 http://ask-directory.com 0
91 http://poordirectory.com 0
92 http://sublimedir.net 0
93 http://clicksordirectory.com 0
94 http://beegdirectory.com 0
95 http://addirectory.org 0
96 http://adbritedirectory.com 0
97 http://aweblist.org 0
98 http://a3place.com 0
99 http://activdirectory.net 0
100 http://bestdirectory4you.com
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