Hasab khaata Due Payment Management

Hasab khaata - حساب کھاتہ-- واجب الادا ادائیگی کا انتظام

Thousands of clients and their payments and dues can be managed through Hasab-khaata application. This is simple and anyone can use it.


  • Informative dashboard
  • Client Database.
  • Payment database.
  • Client’s payment history with advanced analysis.
  • Due Database
  • Invoice generation.
  • Emailing clients with an auto-generated due report.
  • Date-to-date income, payments, and due reports.

This is simple and anyone can use it.

DEMO URL: http://khaata.websolpak.com/auth/login

username: mubariksoft@gmail.com

Passsword:  admin123

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