Thalassaemia patients in trouble as donors disappear amid lockdown

Pakistanis Must Help Thalassemia Patients Facing Blood Shortage Due To COVID-19

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Lives of several children suffering from thalassemia are at risk as the number of blood donors has decreased drastically amid a completed lockdown in Karachi like many other parts of the country.

A thalassemia patient needs blood on a regular basis throughout his life. Those who donate blood to such children have to be healthy people and their blood is first screened and then they are bled.
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However, a lockdown was declared in the Sindh capital to control the coronavirus pandemic without thinking about the problems of such children.

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Pakistan is facing many issues, from coronavirus to economical crisis, but weโ€™re trying our best to deal with the situation. Amid the situation, people are saying war is about to start, yet we are not paying attention to the more important issues.

Thalassemia patients need blood donations and we urge the people reading this article to go out and donate as much blood as they can.

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However, due to the current conditions and lockdown in Pakistan, it is hard for people to go and donate blood. The curfew which was set to start at 8 pm has now been cut down to 5 pm. Hence, making it harder for people to do social service.

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There are several donation centers in Karachi, Islamabad, and Lahore. People can visit these centers and make their donations in the name of Thalassemia patients. Moreover, it is the governmentโ€™s responsibility to make sure these children and ill people get sufficient blood.

The number of Thalassemia Patients Cross 2.5 million!

Every year 6000 children fall prey to Thalassemia, making the altogether count 2.5 million this year. Doctors have accused the government of not being able to manage the crisis. These patients have to face blood fusion every month, and stats havenโ€™t changed since 2016. Dr. Rahat Hussain, a hematologist stated that every month 150,000ย  to 200,000 bags of blood are required for the patients of Thalassemia.

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Doctors claim that there are thousands of children who need a blood transfusion every month but are unable to get it. The blood level of children has dropped from 10-12 to 2.5, which is a very alarming situation.

It is heart-wrecking to see Pakistan in such conditions, after the outbreak of coronavirus, and KPK receiving hundreds of cases of Polio; we are still not sure where we stand.

However, it is important to understand what these children are going through. We know that it is essential to save our families from coronavirus and we should practice social distancing. All doctors are urging us to do is to donate blood for the children who will face their inevitable fate if we donโ€™t.

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