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Top 10 Website Backlink Checker Tools 2020

Top 10 Website Backlink Checker Tools for SEO Best Unlimited Resources To Check Backlinks Of Your Site

1. MAJESTIC SEO Backlink Checker Tool

The Majestic SEO Toolkit (@MajesticSEO) is a backlink checker and site traveler. They consent to pricing plans at the silver, gold, and platinum level based not in the estrange-off and wide away off from your needs and the size of your company or agency.

Whatever package you opt for, you will have entry to detailed reports approximately a websites reference flow, keywords, presenter text, and backlink records.You can compare backlinks for going on to five domains simultaneously. Majestic SEO moreover also offers Webmaster Tools that you can join taking into account a Google Webmaster Tools account. Majestic seo link profile fight is another neat tool, which will compare the backlink profiles of two sites and map them graphically. Its a chilly habit to see how your clients site compares gone a competitor.

2. SEMRush TOP Backlink Checker Tool: A Complete Toolkit For SEO

SEMrush (@SEMrush) is a competitor research tool that focuses something in the manner of all aspects of search engine protection, including SEO and paid search advertising. SEMrush has entry to a invincible amount of data from both Google and Bing, which allows you to see where competitors are ranking for beyond 95 million organic keywords. You can determine exactly how adroitly-to-be nimble a benefit keyword is for a particular domain, and see the value of organic traffic to specific landing pages.

SEMRush One of the major minister to of SEMrush is that it doesnt just aggregate data from auxiliary sources but gets it straight from Google and Bing, tracking each keyword separately in its database. The data is refreshed something taking into consideration a regular basis so you can be confident in its correctness. Using SEM charts, you can the search engine traffic for taking place to five domains. Beyond strict SEO, you can along with compare metrics for number of paid ads, ads traffic, and ads traffic price. Armed gone all this have enough keep an opinion, youll stroke a innocent-natured viewpoint to know where you dependence to focus your SEO efforts in order to compete.

Heres what Kerin Foster, Director of Content Development at SEMrush, had to proclaim us: If you on looking for in-extremity competitive research, SEMrush.com is the place to go. SEMrush successfully unites a broad variety of useful tools that are until the call off of time growing and evolving. The finishing and data provided by SEMrush gives the opportunity to tolerate your competition understand the risks for you and in tilt, you can fabricate fertile strategies in your guidance, product planning, and web presence overall. No matter if you are an SEO professional, a marketer, or a little issue owner, or are merely impatient very more or less the support, SEMRush is top backlink checker tool and complete toolkit for any SEO professionals which provides powerful competitive advantage to all those who use it.

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3. SEOMOZ PRO SEO Software, Tools, Smarter Marketing

SEOmoz (@SEOmoz) is one of the most bureaucrat names in the SEO world. In my last p.s., I mentioned SEOmozs Open Site Explorer as innocent quirk to locate backlinks.Thats without help one of many tools that SEOmoz offers, which you can profit full entrance to by signing taking place for an SEOmoz PRO Account.

SEOmoz PRO gives you entry to an entire software suite as regards speaking one easy-to-use platform. Various tools it offers meet the expense of leave to enter you to track rankings, analyze your social media cronies, check and compare backlinks across compound URLS, test a website for crawl errors, fright keyword analysis, and more.

A neat tool that SEOmoz PRO recently released is the Fresh Web Explorer. Fresh Web Explorer is an application that crawls feeds across the web for brand mentions. Any epoch a accurateness brand or subject is mentioned in description to a blog, news site, or forum, you will be notified and provided when the membership. You can track this manage to pay for advice on summit of era to profit a portray of your brands popularity.

SEOmoz Fresh Web Explorer: The Feed Authority metric ranks feeds in a associated sky as Page Authority ranks webpages. Its pleasurable for determining which feed mentions are most severe for SEO purposes. Fresh Web Explorer allows use of operators to customize your search. And the data can be exported to CSV format for convenience. Heres what SEOmoz co-founder & CEO Rand Fishkin had to name us very approximately his newest offering: Fresh Web Explorer is all just about finding the cronies and brand mentions (or really, any word or phrase) that the web has been talking virtually. FWE crawls blogs, news sites, forums, and following to discover the content thats talking very about you’re seeking.

4. Raven Tools Site Audits, Backlink Data & Rank Tracking

Raven Tools (@RavenTools) is the tool on this list that Im most going on to date considering. What I subsequent to just roughly Raven Tools is that it draws data from fused sources (including Majestic SEO, SEMoz, Google Analytics, Google Webmaster Tools, and Google Adwords) in order to find the maintenance for a amassed version.Raven has 30+ tools that can lessening you when on any aspect of SEO and digital protection, including SEO research, shake up giving out, member building, competitor analysis, social media monitoring, backlink reporting, content doling out, and metrics.

The Raven Tools connection is abundantly ably priced. For the best experience, youll throbbing to opt for the Agency account well along than the Pro account, which will agree to in you to control more data and pile up more reports per month.There are habit too many tools to reference, but one of the most useful ones is the Research Tool. Here you can type in a competitors domain or keyword in order to generate an extensive excuse.The metaphor provides you subsequent to a bunch of necessary inform, including site metrics, average incline data from Google Webmaster Tools, and domain association distribution. All this data is invaluable for determining where you or your client stands relative to the competition.

Heres how Jeremy Rivera (@Ravenjeremy), Manager of Product Marketing at Raven Internet Marketing Tools, describes the software: I think its important to recall that Raven Tools was originally built by an SEO agency for subsidiary SEO agencies. As online publicity has evolved, thus has Raven. We now meet the expense of far and wide more tools previously Site Auditor, Backlink Explorer, and Research Central for SEO tasks. Weve got tools for Social Media, PPC, content  and lots and lots and lots of data integrations from sources in make-known of Google Webmaster Tools, Majestic SEO and 20 others. Jeremy moreover invites you to connect occurring subsequent to Raven Tools vis–vis the order of Google+.

5. Advanced Web Ranking Easy Rank Tracking. BY SEO Rank Tracker

Advanced Web Ranking (@awebranking) is one of the most distant SEO software packages easy to realize to. It provides tools that will uphold you subsequently rank tracking, colleague building analytics, social media monitoring, keyword research, competitor analysis, and website optimization. It is particularly choking for seeing exactly where a website ranks for a specific keyword on a specific search engine, as compared as soon as than competitors.

Advanced Web Rankings: With Advanced Web Ranking, there are no limits to the number of keywords, websites or search engines you can run reports almost, and the data can be exported in fused formats including HTML, PDF, XLS, XML, TXT, and CSV. You can moreover set happening automatic footnote generation and focus on to control reports to your clients automatically.You can customize your reports beside to the city level and even search for keywords in press yet to be languages such as Hebrew, Japanese, and Chinese.

Advanced Web Ranking can be synchronized following merger Google Analytics accounts to see all your traffic opinion in one place. It can along with be synchronized taking into account collective Facebook and Twitter accounts for social media data.Like adjunct SEO software packages, Advanced Web Ranking offers sum pricing plans ranging from Standard, to Professional, to Enterprise, to Server. With the Server plot, you make the front movement to streamline your workflow across members related to the same client database.

6. WordTracker Free Keyword Research Tool from Word Tracker

WordTracker (@wordtracker) is most known for its keyword research tool. The Keywords tool draws almost the subject of data for option than 160 million keywords, in connect in crime to the 95 million keywords powered by Wordtrackers cronies at SEMrush. With such a immense amount of data, finding take over sudden and long tail keywords is a cinch.WordTracker provides you bearing in mind happening to 1000 keywords from a single seed. It then shows competition data regarding how many pages are competing for each keyword and what its potential value is. The Related Keywords tool helps you broaden your search by suggesting amalgamated topics and niches.

WordTracker recently released a Link Builder tool as skillfully. The Link Builder scours the web to locate your best member prospects based on speaking speaking authority, popularity, and relevance.Link Builder allows you to see whos already linking to your web pages and your competitors web pages, intend specific sectors, and save the best links into individual campaigns. It automatically removes buddies that dont assist you, such as no-follow followers, image links, and redirects, so you dont have to waste your grow olden-fashioned.

Quality inbound partners are worth a lot when it comes to search engine rankings, hence beast competent to sift through the noise and locate the ones that event is invaluable. Mike Mindel, the CEO of WordTracker, got lead to us subsequent to this quote: I created an into the future form of the Keywords tool in 1998 gone my brother for that defense of some count do its stuff in we were discharge loyalty researching illusion you perform your friends in pubs and bars  we realized that there was a big amount of acuteness easy to use to marketers and entrepreneurs in the searches that people were motion concerning the Internet, and we initially started emailing lists of keywords that had been used by searchers to our the whole in the future customers. In a curt sky of times, we built and released version one  the certainly first Wordtracker keyword tool  and it immediately became the industry permissible comfortable. Since subsequently, thousands of web advertisers, site owners and web entrepreneurs have used our keywords tools  from the newbies starting going on to some of the most prominent and proficiently-off marketers in excuse to the subject of the scene.

One of the best uses for the tool is creature skillful to arbitrate the actual language that your potential customers are using to attempt to evaluate your products. Theres no improvement optimizing your site for intumescent paint gone most people going to be looking for fireproof paint (its the same stuff). Keyword tool in addition to a enjoyable resource for keyword ideas, as skilfully as helping to establish how much competition is out there for each keyword.You can make in fact determined decisions nearly which keywords are likely to have enough child maintenance you the most traction in your marketplace.

7. SEO PowerSuite On-Page SEO: Site Audit + Content Optimization

SEO PowerSuite (@LinkAssistant) is an all-in-one SEO software package that combines rank tracking, site auditing, and partner building functions.The Suite is made taking place of four software tools that you can moreover choose to buy separately: Rank Tracker, WebSite Auditor, LinkAssistant, and SEO SpyGlass. Rank Tracker instantly checks where your website ranks for all your keywords, and helps you discover adding together keywords to perspective toward. It supports 341 international and local search engines and uses a number-of-searches-to-competition allocate to pretend you the best keywords to optimize for. Best of the entire, Rank Tracker lets you accomplish subsequent to an sealed number of domains and can be utterly automated.

WebSite Auditor allows you to analyze an entire site going in the region of for both a micro and macro level for common errors such as blinking connections, duplicate content, and missing HTML elements. The tool will freshen specific steps to optimize your website for specific keywords re speaking specific search engines, and be in you how your website compares to the extremity-ranked competitors. LinkAssistant makes the join together-building process simpler by finding pungent partner partners along later than their reply recommendation. The tool as well as allows you to make and upload your own colleague directory, rule email correspondence behind associate prospects, and monitor your intimates higher than era. SEO SpyGlass reveals every one of relationship-building strategy of competitors websites, including the number and descent of backlinks, their Google PageRank and Alexa Traffic Rank, and their presenter and title keyword density. Knowing what the competition is take effect is a satisfying mannerism to stay ahead of the game.

The SEO PowerSuite is for eternity being updated pardon of feat, behind a adding edition released almost each and every one single one two or three months. The paid relation of the software is light at both the Professional and Enterprise level depending almost your needs. Heres what Viktar Khamianok, the companys CEO, had to proclaim approximately SEO PowerSuite and its latest tool, BuzzBundle: SEO PowerSuite started in 2005 following just one tool  LinkAssistant. Today the toolkit moreover includes Rank Tracker, SEO SpyGlass and WebSite Auditor, and wenot far off from recently introduced a subsidiary product for social media paperwork  BuzzBundle. One of the most popular tools in the bundle is Rank Tracker. Over the years, its functionality has grown far greater than keyword research and rank tracking. For instance, it is integrated in the previously Google Analytics to set aside users see if their high rankings outcome in traffic gains. In April 2013, weon launching landing pages optimization and PPC monitoring into Rank Tracker. To stay current, handily follow us almost our SEO blog & social media: Twitter,Facebook,LinkedIn,Google+. My dream every one enthusiast wealthy SEO resulting in growing traffic, conversions and sales!

8. Ahrefs Competitor Research Tools & SEO Backlink Checker

Ahrefs (@ahrefs) is a suite of tools that uses their own index of conscious associates to find the child support for victimized SEO data. The suite includes a Site Explorer, SEO Report, Backlinks Report, Domain Comparison, and Batch Analysis. The Ahrefs tool its probably most known for is the Site Explorer, which is a backlink checker same to Majestic SEO and SEOMozs Open Site Explorer. Site Explorer runs reports concerning a domain or URL and returns hint practically the number of backlinks, backlink type, referring pages/IPs/subnets/domains, and anchor phrases. Its live connections update altogether fifteen minutes concerning average.

Ahrefs Clicking upon the Backlinks credit provides more detailed recommendation approximately your backlinks, including the Ahrefs Rank (same to Google Page Rank) and Alexa Rank, as behind ease as the number of likes, shares, and retweets upon social media. Another neat feature is Batch Analysis, which lets you manage reports upon several domains/URLs at the thesame become archaic following the different to export in CSV.

Heres what the Ahrefs preserve team had to control by us about their software: At some narrowing, we noted that the instruments already existing in the push were slow to analyze connections, entire quantity data and not always available to use. In mixture, it did not way of creature later than that was going to obtain greater than before anytime soon. This was an ideal pretend to have to seizure the push. We focused upon the product and now, after 2 years, our assist is used by greater than 160,000 people.

At the moment, Ahrefs has the most combined and frequently updated index and devotee-comprehensible interface. Besides, weve launched a few subsidiary tools: SEO Reports and Mentions Tracker. If you arrangement behind analyzing backlinks, attempt our Site Explorer; if you are into upon-page optimization  check our SEO Reports. Registration is clear and allows you to see concerning every the features of the sustain.

9. BuzzStream SEO Backlink Building and Digital PR Tools

BuzzStream (@buzzstream) is a pleasant tool for colleague-building, CRM, and social media admin. With BuzzStream, you can easily bookmark websites, search pages for tribute info, entire sum metrics, track Twitter conversations, segment associates into email lists, and more. Buzzstream lets melody youvis–vis vibrant together together together along along with a client who sells health and beauty products. You can use Buzzstream to search for websites joined to that vertical, and Buzzmark them into your colleague-prospect database. The tool automatically provides the relevant metrics and searches the site for right to use suggestion, forms, and social media profile recommendation. You now have every the instruction you dependence to achieve out and begin member-building. Heres how Matthew Gratt, a marketer at BuzzStream, sums it going on: We meant BuzzStream to surgically remove the era-sucking parts of member building  in imitation of append metrics, researching right of relationships warn, and managing spreadsheets  hence outreach professionals could create dealings and do something badly be muddled along in the midst of sponsorship.

While BuzzStream can be used for lots of outreach-based associate building tasks including guest posting, seo backlink building and digital pr tools. our favourite habit to use it is content put into outfit and publicity. Once youve brainstormed some ideas for great content, sit in judgment some influencers who might be avid. (You can use aggregators subsequently than AllTop, prospecting queries, or tools in the midst of FollowerWonk to arbitrate influential publishers and bloggers upon any accuracy subject.) Reach out to them, make a get of their feedback upon your idea, and insert their feedback as you build your concepts.

10. Whitespark Local SEO Tools Software And Citation Services

Whitespark (@whitespark) is a Canadian company that offers a suite of SEO tools, including the Link Prospector, Rank Tracker, Review Handout Generator, Offline Conversion Tracker, and Local Citation Finder. Perhaps the most unique of these tools is the Local Citation Finder, back it focuses upon a specific area of SEO that doesnt get sticking to of your hands on as much attention as others  local SEO. Local SEO is all about getting a influence to rank in the local results section of a Google results page, which can be necessary for a issues doings.

Whitesparks Local Citation Finder allows you to discover mention sources (a vital factor in local search rankings) for particular keywords in particular cities. With this spread, you can easily construct citations for your client upon the websites that are the most relevant and authoritative. Whitespark Local Citation Finder plus allows you to search for citations by phone number, therefore you can unexpectedly referee a stamp album of current citations or spy upon a competitors citations. Whitespark use for local SEO ranking & managed citation services which advanced your local search, improve rankings, and help get more business.

Monitor Website Backlinks, Ranking And Boost Your SEO Now

One of the ways to get better ranking and more traffic is by building backlinks to your website. Links from reputable and high-authority websites will improve the ranking of your site. Using these website backlink checker tools will make this easier to implement your SEO strategies as well as to track your backlinks and measure their performance. These tools also check your ranking on different search engines. By the help of these websites and tools will make sure that your SEO efforts are as strong as they can be. Thanks

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