What is Social Bookmarking

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What is Social Bookmarking

Social bookmarking is one of the user-defined taxonomy systems for making a bookmark. This type of taxonomy is also popular as folksonomy where these bookmarks are mentioned as tags. In place of storing bookmarks right into a folder of the computer, where the tagged pages are stored right on the Web and will be made accessible from every computer.

Advantages of Social Bookmarking Sites

โ™ฆ Improve SERPโ€™s

โ™ฆ Social Bookmarking helps in establishing a brand in the industry.

โ™ฆ Supports in Increasing and driving more traffic to the site

โ™ฆ Helps a content go viral.

โ™ฆ Offers Quality Backlink

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โ™ฆ Increases the scope of communication between site and visitors

Social Bookmarking Sites Key Characteristics:

ฮฟ These sites offer free server space: You get free server space for storing the bookmarks. The offered space is unlimited. You get the chance to store as many bookmarks you wish to.

ฮฟ Bookmarking sites give you one web address: You will be assigned with the unique web address. You can share the same with your friends as well as a business associate.

ฮฟ Offers scope to rate bookmarks: The pages give chance to your friends for rating the web page or website shared the link

ฮฟ You can share the bookmarks: One of the key features of social bookmarking sites is that it offers the scope to members for sharing bookmarks.

ฮฟ Members are allowed tagging of web pages: As a user of the site, you will get the chance to attach tags to each page that you bookmark.

ฮฟ Makes the display of most popular bookmarked pages: Some of the leading social bookmarking pages display pages bookmarked by the members who all are having interests which is similar to yours

There are dozens of sites of social bookmarking which are supporting countless websites with bookmarking. Some of these are very popular and holds excellent Alexa ranking and managed to bring good traffic for the member site.



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